Asmar Gold Trading, a name you can trust 

The name Asmar has been connected with the world of gold trading for more than half a century. 

The business started in Kuwait in 1956 when Haj Hussein Al-Asmar started the original business in  trading in precious metals of gold and silver.  

The business was limited to trading in gold and silver bullion, than expanded to wholesale and retail trading.

During the 1980s a branch of the business was opened in Jordan (1987) under the name Asmar and Kabariti, and another one in Kuwait under the name of Musaid Jewellery (1989).

During the 1990s a new shop under the name  Asmar Jewellery was opened in Amman City Center. Haj Hussein set up this shop after moving from Kuwait to Jordan in 1990. The shop became managed by his son Mr. Ahmad Al-Asmar.

In an attempt to improve and expand, a totally new branch was opened in Al-Shmaisani, the heart of the Amman Financial District. The shop has the largest show hall of modern design jewellery.

 Ambitions will continue and future plans will not be limited to retail gold trading, it will move on towards wholesale manufacturing gold.